BBB Consumer Tips: Credit Card Skimming

BBB Consumer Tips: Credit Card Skimming

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Here's How Credit Card Skimming Works:
·    Skim artists recruit gofers, who then find temporary work within restaurants, hotels and retail establishments (or may already be working there).
·    The recruits are given small, unlawful, electronic devices, known as skimmers.
·    Skimmers capture all of the credit or debit card's information (number, pin, security code).
·    The card is swiped for your purchase and is also secretly swiped using the skimmer machine.
·    The gofer is then paid cash for each number when they hand over the skimmer to the original con artist.
·    Skim artists usually target gold or platinum cards because of their higher credit limit.

The con artist then downloads the information from the skimmer and creates a fake credit card or uses the card information for online purchases or sells it to another scammer.

This whole process can take just hours and you are totally unaware of the scam since your credit card is in your wallet. In fact, victims may not realize they have been taken until they check their statements or are denied use of their card due to the skim artist having charged up your limit.
Protect Yourself

·    Always use a credit card instead of a debit card in situations where the card leaves your hand. Handing someone your debit card is like handing them your checkbook.
·    Verify your card activity regularly; check transactions online daily or weekly. If you see a transaction thats not yours, report it immediately.
·    Get a copy of your credit report regularly.

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