BB Gun Vs. Bullies

BB Gun Vs. Bullies

Mom defends 11-year-old's use of BB pistol when threatened by alleged school bullies.
(KPRC)  A Galveston, Texas mother is upset and looking for answers after her 11-year-old son was suspended and placed in alternative school for pulling a BB pistol on three fellow students.

Noelle Bruce says what pushed her son, Deavon Josey, over the edge is when his classmates from KIPP Coastal Village Middle School said they would beat him up and then beat his 9-year-old sister.

"This school should've done their job in protecting him," Bruce said.

On the day in question Deavon ran home, grabbed a BB pistol, then ran back to the school and confronted the boys.

"These boys were waiting in the park for him," said Bruce. "So he pulls it out and yells at them and said 'Stay away from me and my sister,' really in just an effort in an attempt to scare them."

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