Battling Drug Addiction at Patsy's Place

Battling Drug Addiction at Patsy's Place

A fresh start for a couple of Amarillo women.
With the new year, comes new beginnings for some ladies right here in Amarillo.

It's called Patsy's Place, or what a couple of women call a life saver.

Patsy's Place graduate Deana Vargas says, "coming here was ultimately the turnaround of my life.  I came to life when I came here."

Ready to beat her meth addiction, Deana came to Patsy's Place.

She graduated from the 12 month program in November.

About 12 women  with similar situations to Deanas call Patsy's Place home.

Chantell Hicks graduated from the program.

She says, "this program, there all about love love love, retraining you to make it."

Program director Ersela Demerson says the first 4 months are the toughest and then they put what they've learned into action.

Demerson says, "it's time for you to find a job.  You've got to get a cell phone, find a car. Get some car insurance, make that next transition. "

The women go to class, church, counseling, and learn lifelong lessons.

Deana says, "all these life skills classes that teach you how to live life on life's terms.  Without numbing the pain."

Then the final 4 months, Demerson says, is when they prepare the women to leave.

Chantell says, "I don't need anything.  I don 't want for anything.  I know that i'm worthy to day.:"

Chantell and Deana have come a long way since the first time they walked through the doors of Patsy's Place.

Deana says, "I work 8-5 every day Monday through Friday.  I'm registered for college."

Both women are no longer living at Patsy's Place, but they both say they're just a phone call away.

Chantell tells us, "I  hope i'm able to bring that love and show that love to the new girls that come in so that they know that they can make it and they have that hope."

We asked Deana where she thinks she would be had she not come to Patsy's Place.

"I know i'd be in prison or dead.  I know I would."

Patsy's Place may be a somewhere to go for a second chance, but for some, like Chantell and Deana, they call it a life saver

Patsy's Place is the first home of its kind in Amarillo to cater to women who were incarcerated.

Demerson says statistics show on average it takes women seven times to beat a drug addiction.

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