Arctic System Causes Delays

Arctic System Causes Delays

Hundreds of Flight Cancellations in Dallas Affecting Air Travel in Amarillo
AMARILLO -- We missed out on most of the snow and freezing rain but, other parts of the state got hit hard.  That means travel delays for us here in the panhandle.

        A handful of flights out of Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport (RHAIA) has already been cancelled and more could be coming.

        The reason for the delays is Dallas.  American Airlines cancelled as many as 500 flights into and out of DFW International Thursday alone and that's trickling down to the rest of the country.

        For those travelling by highway, things will be a lot messier.

        The arctic weather system dumped snow and ice from north Texas all the way up to the Ohio River Valley.

        Travel is discouraged in those areas over the weekend but, for those who can't stop, they find a way to trudge through.

        "It can get hairy.  i've been cussed-out a few times by truckers because I slow down.  I've been known to slow to 40 mph.  I'll even slow down to 30 MPH."  Truck driver Gary Hesse said.

        If you do travel by car or truck, DPS troopers advise you take an emergency kit and have plenty of gas in case you get stranded.

        The director of aviation at RHAIA says Thursday's delays will create problems over the next few days as well.

        If you're flying, as usual it's best to check with your airline before heading to the airport.

        Almost 1,000 flights total have been cancelled nationwide because of this weather system.

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