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Angel Tree Distribution

Many seventh graders from Bovina came to Amarillo today just to volunteer.
Salvation Army Corps Officer Major Harvey Johnsonwell says, "today's the first day that we're having volunteers and bringing merchandise in from the angel tree and other donations."

A Caprock High volunteer says, "each number is a family, and so what we're doing is taking this big pile and sorting it out into what families are going where."

St. Anne's volunteers says, "so we did some research, and we're just trying to get our kids involved, and to show them that you need to help others"

Major Johnson says, "we plan for this for months, working with other groups and then, because of all the years we've been doing this, you know how the people are going to respond who are the recipients, they're so grateful."

All the volunteers say, "Merry Christmas!!"

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