Amigos Reaches Out a Healthy Hand

Amigos Reaches Out a Healthy Hand

Many head to Amigos to brush up on their health.
'Tis the season for winter bugs, and Amigos did their part to help customers be a little healthier

They hosted their annual health fair.

Pharmacists and dietitians were on hand to test blood pressure, give diabetes screenings, and calculate body mass index.

The fair was free for everyone.

United Supermarket's Corporate Dietitian Alicia Jerome says, "so if they come in and get their blood sugar tested we can kinda give them an idea if they're going to be at risk for diabetes, and we can do stuff now to stop the complications.  If they have high blood pressure we can also kinda check, to determine before they would have a heart attack, or a stroke."

This was the fifth year for the fair.

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