American Quarter Horse Fall of Fame and Museum Reaches Out to Panhandle Youth

American Quarter Horse Fall of Fame and Museum Reaches Out to Panhandle Youth

Youth Art Show - American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame & Museum - December 10th - 6:30 p.m. -
"It's a rodeo horse. I thought it was pretty cool to draw a horse. It took me three days to do this right here, and then the rest I did it in two more days," explains eighth grader at Bowie Middle School, Ivy Gomez, about her artwork. "I go to the library and get drawing books and just draw."

The annual Youth Art Show is an opportunity for students to learn about the American Quarter Horse. 

"The reason why the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame has been hosting this event, is to not only have students display art but to give the kids an opportunity to learn what it is to put together an art piece that would be professionally hung in a gallery," explains AQHA's Manager of Community Outreach, Melissa Loftin.

Students get chance to express what they've learned through their artwork. 

"This year we have themes where the horses need to fit into a setting. It can be American Quarter Horses that were used in war, WWI, WWII, it could be native American horses, horses that  we're used in cattle drives to pull chuck wagons. She gives us those themes and each student has to write a 300 word essay also explaining how their Quarter Horse were used in that theme or that setting," says Bowie Middle School's Art Teacher, Chandra Budd. 

Schools across the Panhandle are encouraged to enter the show.

"We've gotten entries from Perryton. We gotten 60 from Canadian alone. We've gotten several schools for Amarillo and Canyon and we actually have one private school entry. The show grows every year," says Melissa Loftin.  
While learning about the American Quarter Horse, the students are also competing for cash prizes.

"This year first place is $500 cash reward, second is $250 and third is $100. The student that wins best in show wins a field trip for the teacher for the following year," says Chandra Budd. 

"If i get first place, I would give half to my teacher since she's the one who taught me how to draw. Then I don't know what I would do with the money. Just save it or something," says Ivy.

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