Amarillo Students' Field Trip to D.C. Altered by Shutdown

Amarillo Students' Field Trip to D.C. Altered by Shutdown

Government shutdown taking it's toll on San Jacinto Christian Academy Annual trip to Washington
AMARILLO -- The government shutdown shows no prejudice.  It's also affecting Amarillo school children.

    San Jacinto Christian Academy's annual class trip to Washington D.C. is being changed thanks to the shutdown.
    With the government closed for business, that means many school trips, like San Jacinto's, will have to be seriously adjusted and in some cases cancelled.

    On Monday, trip organizer and teacher Diane Lindsey says she kept an eye on the possibility of a shutdown and had her fears confirmed on Tuesday when no budget deal could be reached among lawmakers.

    When that happened, she says the tour company, that's already been paid for the trip, made some adjustments to make sure they get the kids as close to some of the memorials as they can.  "You can see like the Lincoln Memorial from afar, but there's nothing like going inside there and being there when you're actually there in the capitol and all those memorials are just incredible."  Lindsey said.

    The kids leave early Monday morning and will spend the week in the nation's capital.

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