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Amarillo Police Searching For Suspect in Aggravated Assault Early Christmas Morning

The suspect has not been located at this time.
AMARILLO -- On December 25 at 7:50 a.m., Amarillo Police were called out on two possible home robberies. 

When officers arrived, they spoke to the homeowners who stated that just before 8, while they were in their residence a suspect walked in the front door. The door was left unlocked as the homeowners were awaiting some other guest. The homeowner was standing in the kitchen area when he heard the front door open. Thinking it was some family members he turned to look and saw the suspect standing in the house. The homeowner asked who and what he was doing and the male stated he was looking for someone. When asked who he was looking for, the male did not respond. The homeowner then told the man to get out of his house and instructed other family members to call the police. 

The male suspect turned and walked out the door and proceeded to walk away. The homeowner told the suspect to remain there that the police were on the way. As the homeowner was following the suspect he was telling him to remain there, the suspect turned and put up his fist as if her were willing to fight the homeowner. The suspect started walking back towards the homeowner at which time the homeowner thought he was going to be assaulted and struck the suspect in the face knocking him to the ground. The suspect then pulled out a knife and threatened to stab the homeowner. The suspect then took off running down a nearby alley. 

While officers were completing their investigation another female approached one of the officers telling them that a W/M had also attempted to force himself into her residence in the 3100 block of Curtis. She advised that she noticed a male at her front door and when she opened the door to see what he wanted and he pushed his way in through the door stating this is a home invasion”. 

The female then struck the male, and shoved him back out the door, closing and locking it immediately.
The suspect has not been located at this time.
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