Amarillo High Grad Sings with One Direction

Amarillo High Grad Sings with One Direction

Chase Edmondson takes on Hollywood
"'I started acting here at Amarillo High School, Amarillo College, Amarillo Little Theater, Reparatory Theater. I just dipped in a little bit of everywhere here. Then once I got to Amarillo College my directors suggested that I move out to California and get training."

Chase Edmondson has always had a passion for acting his dream turned into a reality when he hit the streets of L.A.

"I became a SAG actor and created a production company with some of my friends and some people from Texas and we started producing a web series called 'Buffering.'Now that's a show we produce that's on YouTube. It's filled mostly with Texas actors and crew members and then once we finish this season we're going to treat it as a pilot and pitch it to networks."

"I couldn't really see myself doing anything else. When you're doing something that you love you know it and you know that's what you're supposed to be doing. That keeps my going. I also have friends and roommates that are working. So when they're working and I'm not, it just makes me strive a little harder."

Hollywood isn't all lights, camera, action. It takes perseverance and down right hard work. 

"Everyone moves out to LA thinking glorious Hollywood and you just walk around on the streets and get discovered.  I would advise anyone in Amarillo who wants to be an actor and who wants to move out to L.A. and get into the industry to really prepare yourself. Especially as an actor you need to be training. If you're not training three times a week, you need to start because out there it's competitive."

That hard work, in Chase's case, paid off.

"There's actually two websites where they post the character break down for all the castings out in L.A. and they posted wanting look-a-likes for One Direction and someone once before joked that I looked like Harry Stiles so I submitted. It's a joke I'm not going to get it. Two days later are you available and I'm like really." 

They hired us to impersonate them on Hollywood Blvd going around telling everyone that we're them. We got people to believe us. Then they asked us if we would come back for their One-D day which is their 7 hour stream on YouTube to promote their new album. We got to meet them and talk to them and even got to sing a little bit of "White Christmas" with them and Jerry Springer. 

So how do you top a sing a long with One-D and Jerry Springer?

"Future goals right now, just trying to work on finished 'Buffering' and pitching it to networks and hopefully get picked up."
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