All in the Family

All in the Family

More than 800 members of Louisiana's Emery family reunite in St. James Parish.
(WVLA)   Louisiana's Saint James High School was a busy place this weekend. People learned a lot, but there were no students, no teachers, and no classes.

Members of the Emery family gathered for a biennial reunion. Approximately 800 people from several generations showed up.

"All I know is, everybody's kin to me," David Peck said. "I don't know who is who."

"I didn't know anybody 'til, like, now, " 11-year-old Aaron Lewis mentioned. "But I met at least 80 people."

The reunions have taken place every other year for nearly 20 years.

"We started out, the first reunion seemed like there were only 75 people there," claimed Shaderick Emery.

"There probably still are descendants down the line who aren't familiar with it," said Brian Adams, who organized this year's reunion. "Now, with social media, Facebook, and email, we get the word out to more and more people."

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