Albertsons' Final Weekend

Albertsons' Final Weekend

Albertsons is in the process of becoming Lawrence Brothers.
Starting January 13 there will no longer be an Albertsons in Amarillo.
It's a story we first told you about in December.

Albertsons agreed to sell it's Amarillo store, and the ones in Wichita Falls to Lawrence Brothers IGA. 

It's all part of a requirement set by the Federal Trade Commission to allow the purchase of United stores here in Amarillo.

President Jay Lawrence says, "our company will take over Monday morning.  We will close the store for three or four days and hope to reopen on Friday the seventeenth."

He says fans of Albertsons don't need to worry, because things will stay pretty much the same.

Lawrence tells us, "we plan on operating a supermarket with much of the same variety as Albertsons now has.   We plan on being very competitive price wise with the market in Amarillo."

Lawrence Brothers has more than two dozen stores in smaller towns in Texas.

He says as of right now, they have no plans to expand.

As far as bringing his supermarket to Amarillo, Lawrence tells us the community has made them feel more than welcome.

"The market has opened up its arms to us and been very accommodating.  We just really look forward to being able to serve our new customers in Amarillo."

Lawrence tells us they have offered current Albertsons associates a position with Lawrence Brothers, giving them similar benefits and pay.

He says they plan to make the transition as easy as possible for them.

Lawrence brothers started in 1929 in Sweetwater.

They now have 22 stores in west Texas and New Mexico.
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