AEDC Plans to Sue Local Construction Company

AEDC Plans to Sue Local Construction Company

Amarillo Economic Development Corporation Claims CIB Constructed a Building for them with a Faulty Foundation
AMARILLO -- The Amarillo Economic Development Corporation (AEDC) is suing a local builder

        The group plans to file a lawsuit against Commercial Industrial Builders (CIB).

        The AEDC claims CIB did not properly design and build the foundation of the old zarges building in the centerport business park in east amarillo.

        The AEDC is seeking at least $1.6 million.  That's how much they say it'll cost to fix the problems with the foundation.

        The AEDC says two different independent reports from structural engineers confirm their concerns with the design.

        They say they've contacted CIB in an effort to resolve the issue out of court but, have been unsuccessful.

        The $1.6 million would cover the cost of repairs and the commission of a contractor to rebuild the foundation to the appropriate design standards.

        AEDC President Richard "Buzz" David says the design flaws were discovered while investigating the expansion of the building to house the Coca Cola bottling company.

        The city had planned to move the bottling plant into the old Zarges building.

        The AEDC now plans to construct a new building for Coca Cola which is expected to cost around $8 million.

        Moving the Coke plant is vital to the city's downtown revitalization plans.  The city plans to build a multi purpose entertainment venue in it's current location.
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