Abuse at Roosevelt County Detention Center?

Abuse at Roosevelt County Detention Center?

3 inmates claim to have been abused by an officer inside of the jail.
Three Roosevelt County Detention Center inmates say they were sprayed with a pepper ball gun by a detention center officer last week.

Portales attorney Eric Dixon is representing the three inmates, Roy Montano, Eric Pena and Byron Williams.

The Notice of Tort Claim states Pena was hit on the right hand with a pepper ball causing injury, Williams was hit on the right side causing a severe cut and brusing and Roy Montano was hit by a richocheting bullet.

The Claim says the detention center officer, believed to be Corporal Andes, came into the POD and sprayed the pepper gun fire in an indiscriminate street gang style and manner.

Dixon says he believes the shooting was in retaliatoin for an unrelated jail excape of which the three individuals had no knowledge or involvement.

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