A Search for Stability and Independence

A Search for Stability and Independence

Aardn King and her daughter were the first residents to move to Girlstown, and she's well on her way to reaching her goals.
20 moms call Cal Farley's Girlstown home.

Aardn King is one of them. 

She was once a young mother on a search for stability and independence.

She says now thanks to Girlstown, she's on her way to the life she wants for her and her daughter.

Aardn says, "moving back home with my parents was hard because I wanted to be independent, now i'm pregnant and I had nowhere else to go." 

23 year old Aardn King was living with her then boyfriend when she discovered she was pregnant.

It was a decision she and her boyfriend at that time thought they were prepared for.

But it wasn't long before Aardn tell us she was moving back home, alone.

Aardn says, "after having Natalie I wanted to be able to be on my own and not have to rely on someone else when someone's relying on my and depending on me."

She says she heard about Girlstown, applied, and she and her daughter were the first residents to be accepted.

Aardn says that blessing came more than a year ago.

We asked Aardn what her favorite thing about Girlstown is.

"I like how it's out in the country.  It's quiet, it's nice.  The beautiful scenery and the people out here are amazing," she says.  

Girlstown is more than just a place to live.

Counselors give hour long seminars each Monday, where the moms discuss finances, budgeting, and safety.

Aardn tells us, "we're able to ask questions and learn more about what we need."

After the seminar there's also a parenting class.

Aardn says her housemom Julie also helps her by making a 3 month plan, talking about responsible spending, short term goals, and organization.

"They know what they're doing.  They're calm.  They handle stressful situations very well, and I really like the friendship that i've been able to build with them."

Natalie, Aardn's daughter, will be 2 in January.

While Aardn is working, going to seminars, parenting classes, and soon school, Natalie goes to onsite day care.

Aardn tells us, "she loves the day care.  She'll walk in and ask for her favorite person."

Aardn starts college in January.

She tells us she'll be taking online classes so that she can still work full time.

Aardn says the decision to move to Girlstown wasn't easy, but she has no regrets.

"If you want to further your life, if you want to further your kids lives, if you want to make everything better for you and your kids, then take the first step."

Nearly 60 years ago when Girlstown first came about, it was a separate organization from Cal Farley's Boys Ranch.

But a lot has changed over the years.  

To learn more about Girlstown, call (806) 372-2341
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