A New Roosevelt County Clerk

A New Roosevelt County Clerk

After the former clerk resigns, a new county clerk has been appointed.
A new clerk is appointed for Roosevelt County.

Former clerk and her deputy clerk both resigned following a disagreement over same sex marriage.

DeAun Searl says, "I was appointed to do a job and that was part of the job, and that's what i'll do to the best of my ability.  I'm not expert by any means, but i am familiar with the way this office needs to work."

The Roosevelt County Board of Commissioners met in an emergency meeting to appoint Deaun Searl as the Roosevelt County Clerk.

Searl has worked in the clerk's office for more than five years under former county clerk Donna Carpenter for a year.

She says it's a privilege to know her, but says after the state's supreme court's recent ruling legalizing gay marriage in all New Mexico counties a change needed to be made.

Searl tells us, "she was not in agreements with the same sex marriage license issuing and so she followed her heart and resigned."

She says she'll support the new law, and do her duty as the new county clerk to issue all marriage licenses.

But she says she has at least one goal while in office.

Searl says, "I am going to keep the integrity of this office to the highest standard, that we are going to follow the letter of the law and just that i'll do my personal best."

Searl tells us she is appointing Stephanie Hicks as the new chief deputy following Jane Collins' resignation.
She says they looked internally.

Right now, Hicks is a county service specialist.

Searl will serve as county clerk until January 2015.

She has a choice of whether or not to run the November 2014 general election.

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