700 Entries for LogoGate Contest

700 Entries for LogoGate Contest

Voting for City Logo Begins Wednesday
AMARILLO -- The deadline for the city's logo contest has come and gone.

    Monday was the final day to submit entries for the contest.

    Approximately 700 designs have been submitted.

    Last week, the Amarillo Globe News indicated they had only received about 100 entries.  90% were being considred in the serious category.

    The next step in the contest is to widdle-down the contenders through online voting.

    After a second round of voting, the list will be pared-down to the top three.

    The finalists will be presented to the city which will be judged by graphic art professors from WTAMU and Amarillo College.

    Unlike the previous "new" logo, the city attorneys office will review any submissions to make sure they meet legal requirements like not infringing on copyright laws.

    Brandon Hughes with the Globe News says it's been a smooth process so far.  "Everything from professionals to people submitting them on a napkin.  We're going to allow people to vote ten times from a single IP (internet provider) address, then we have a system inplace that will not allow you to vote that 11th time.."

    The city will present the three finalists to the city council at their December 10th meeting.

    As for the voting process.  It begins Wednesday.  The logos will be displayed in a photo gallery where people can vote up to ten times from a single IP address.

    That can mean ten times for one logo or once for as many as ten.

    The first round of voting ends Monday.  Once they've widdled down the list, they'll start a second round of voting December 4th.

    The city joined the Globe News logo contest after the one they originally unveiled earlier this month was found to look a lot like one already copyrighted by a Dubai real estate company.

    If you would like to vote on the logos just click here.
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