2014's Most Stressful Jobs

2014's Most Stressful Jobs

Is yours one of the most stressful jobs of 2014?
Think your job is stressful? If you're in the military, public relations, or drive a taxi, you've made careercast.com's list of the most stressful jobs for 2014 -- so what else is on the list?

Are there really jobs out there that aren't stressful?  

Of course there are people who risk their lives  and jobs in the military come in at the top of the list.  Also, police officers and firefighters, they definitely made this list.  

But what other jobs can really raise the blood pressure?

Well, event coordinators come in at number five on the list.  Maybe the stress comes from dealing with all those bridezillas  or the parents of kids throwing big birthday parties?

Number seven is senior corporate executive, which comes with a median salary of $168,000 but it is understandable that you will experience some stress for being the boss.

Also on the list, airline pilots and taxi drivers, both have to chauffeur people around all day, and let's be honest, we're usually in a hurry.

Number six is public relations executive. A job that can be especially stressful during crisis or when the phone is ringing off the hook in the middle of the night to answer questions from journalists on deadline.

Number eight on the list, newspaper reporter.

But if you are looking for a job with a little less stress.  Audiologist, hairstylist, and jeweler will reportedly cause you the least stress in 2014.

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