2013 Amarillo Woman of the Year

2013 Amarillo Woman of the Year

An Amarillo native receives a historical honor.
All eyes are on an Amarillo woman who many say is a backbone for strength and the well-being of the community.

Amarillo native Beth Duke is honored as the 67th women of the year by the Beta Sigma Phi Sorority.

Duke says, "it is really a major milestone for my career and all the work I've been privileged to do to volunteer for my community."

The Beta Sigma Phi sorority is an international organization with 17 chapters here in Amarillo, and more than 200 women involved.

The president of the Amarillo City Council for the sorority says, it was a unanimous decision.

Stacy Gatlin says, "her passion for Amarillo is 24 hours a day seven days a week.  You go to any event with Beth and she cannot stop talking about Amarillo and how wonderful a community it is."

Gatlin says they pick a women in our community not invovled in Beta Sigma Phi, but one that represents women's impact on our local community.

She tells us Beth Duke has done more for Amarillo than anybody she knows.

Gatlin says, "we're a very vital, important community and I would say Beth Duke has just been instrumental in making that happen.  She's a treasure that a lot of people just don't even realize."

Beth was on the founding committee for the Food Bank, she served on the speaker's bureau for the group that got the 911 emergency system installed, and she was on the steering committee that raised money for our domestic violence shelter.

Duke says, "I feel like some of those things are really part of my legacy.  And now my professional job is to help revitalize downtown.  I'm a native of Amarillo and it means a lot to be to be able to give back to my community."

A native that is very humble and  extremely proud to be honored by her hometown that she's proud to be a part of.

"I think it's just a historic day all around and i couldn't be more happy," says Duke.

Dukes current job is Executive Director for Center City of Amarillo, which promotes the development, awareness, investment  and historic preservation in downtown Amarillo.

For more information on the Beta Sigma Phi sorority, head over to Amarillobsp.Org

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