The Greatest Test: Jason Conway's Story

- Jason Conway always has a smile on his face, he's one of those kids you're naturally drawn too, but Jason's baseball career nearly came to an end with one pitch last October.

Conway was pitching in Lubbock in front of college scouts, hoping to impress a scout and earn a college scholarship, when he took a line drive off the right side of his head.

"I threw an outside fastball and next thing I know I'm on the ground," Jason said, "The ball was coming toward the front of my face and I tried to move a little bit and it hit me pretty solid.  I feel on the ground and I saw coaches running out.  My mom running out, and everyone was standing over me.  At that time I could see by the look on everyone's face that it's not good."

Jason's mom Melinda was in the stands, "You see the pitch, and you hear the bat, and then you see your son go down.  And instantly you go from parent of excitement to parent of, oh my gosh, we've had an accident."

The hit fractured a bone in Jason's temporal area and punctured an artery.  He had severe internal bleeding and underwent surgery that night at Lubbock's Covenent Medial Center.  He was in ICU for nearly a week.

But now, just four months removed from a hit that nearly cost him his life, Jason is back on the baseball field.  He wears padding in his hat and is expected to make his return to the mound in March.

"We're very blessed," Melinda says.

Jason echoes that sentiment, "Knowing that your life was almost taken away from you, it's a hard aspect.  And now that that's happened to me, I feel blessed to be here.  I get to see people I love, and I think about things differently.  It's a special feeling."

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