Eagles Shave Heads to Support Coach

The Canyon Eagles basketball team broke out the clippers to support head coach Guy Crenshaw on Monday night.

Crenshaw is battling prostate cancer and started chemotherapy recently.  When his players noticed their coach losing his hair, they decided to lose theirs too. 

"He's part of our family, he's our coach, he's one of the biggest pieces to our puzzle so we don't want him to feel alone," said senior guard Brett Weaver.

"We did it to mainly show that we're with him and that he's not going to go through this alone," added Cody Price.

Crenshaw didn't know about the gesture until his players walked into practice on Tuesday, "Its a tough thing for a young man to do that in this day and age it's just an awesome thing, it just shows the compassion of people here in Canyon."

The Eagles beat Plainview on Tuesday night, it was Crenshaw's 300th win.

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