Colts Cut Peyton

INDIANAPOLIS -- For the first time in 14-years Indianapolis is no longer Peyton's place. 
Colts owner Jim Irsay struggled with his words Wednesday as he announced that the team is releasing longtime quarterback Peyton Manning. 
"There will be no other Peyton Manning," a teary-eyed Irsay told reporters. "He's always part of the horseshoe." 
The legendary quarterback, one of the best-ever at picking apart opposing defenses, also couldn't avoid the rush of emotions as he said goodbye. 
Fans wiped away tears as well inside the Indianapolis Colts Grille, where along with the burgers and fries, the lunch menu included an extra helping of frustration. 
"Something's wrong with the NFL when players can't retire with the team he starts with," complained fan Kip Tew. "Not Peyton's fault, not Irsay's fault, it's the systems fault." 
For everything he's done on the field, 11 Pro Bowls, four NFL MVP awards and a Super Bowl championship, it's his work off the turf that may be missed the most. 
Since manning moved to Indianapolis the number of hotel rooms has doubled. 
So has the size of the convention center. 
The children's hospital bears his name, and most agree he's the reason a new stadium and the Super Bowl came to town. 
"It's a separation from, not a separation, but a departure from the Colts, but not the great city of Indianapolis," Manning assured fans.
A separation sad Colt fans can understand.
They'll still cheer for their hero, as long as he isn't playing against the Colts. 
A lot of people are wondering what uniform manning will wear next, but right now he says that decision will come later. 
Right now he's focused on saying goodbye.

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