Coach Suspends Entire Team

(KSL) A Utah high school football coach who suspended the entire team for academic and attitude issues is getting praise for his action.  

Matt Labrum, who is the head football coach and teacher in the Utah town of Roosevelt said he's shocked and overwhelmed by both the media interest and the outpouring of support for the decision he and his staff made last week to suspend everyone but the program's freshman students from playing football. 

"It's wonderful to see so many people being so supportive of us," Labrum said. "We're isolated out here. This is all new. We didn't want the media exposure to make us lose sight of why we were doing this." 

What Labrum and his staff did was tell the teenage players Friday night that there would be no more football until they earned the privilege to play. At a 7 a.m. meeting the next day, coaches gave the boys a letter that outlined what they would need to do to earn back their jerseys and the right to play in this Friday's homecoming game. 

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