A Year Without Football

(KFOR) An Oklahoma community left crippled by the May 19, 2013 tornado is now suffering another setback; the entire football season has been canceled.

The story takes us to the town of Carney where the season has ended before it even started.

High school football games can be a lot of fun but this year the lights at this stadium in Carney will stay off and the bleachers will remain empty.

Carney Athletic Director Kendra Barnes said, "We just didn't have the numbers to have a team so we made a decision to cancel the season."

The team was getting ready for the season but injuries at the first scrimmage will mean they no longer have enough players.

"One kid broke his collarbone but he was back at school Wednesday," Barnes said. "The other, I think, was just heat exhaustion."

Carney football player Mitchell Cowan said, "We made it pretty far with our junior high team a few years ago."

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