Zip Line Opens at Palo Duro Canyon

- Clip in, hold on, and get ready to zip.

"That's one of those thing you need to experience for yourself," Mel Smith, General Manager of the Palo Duro Adventure Park said.
People from all over are lining up to do just that at the new zip-line attraction at Palo Duro Canyon.

The zip-line opened just last Friday, but they've already had rave reviews, private events, and plenty of visitors.

"I think it was just way worth it. I felt like Peter Pan.  Just so free and excited. It was amazing," Valerie Duhamel, a rider visiting from Canada said.

And those who are from the Panhandle are pretty impressed as well.

"It was awesome. It was spectacular. Beautiful view, weather was gorgeous today. It was really an experience," Wade Davis, another rider said.  

The experience starts with a harness and helmet. You take a 15 minute ride down to the zip-line, walk up a suspension bridge and get ready to fly. If you're worried at all, Smith says, don't be. According to him, the ride features cables approved for up to 2,600 pounds and harnesses that you can hang a car off of.

It's an attraction he's proud to run here in the Panhandle.

"I was driving across the country, and I noticed a lot of this kind of activity popping up," Smith said, "And when you come up to the edge of the canyon like so many people have done, and you think, wonder what it would feel like to fly over that? That's kind of the experience you're going to get."

It's an experience you can only get on the High Plains - flying over Palo Duro Canyon.

The cost to zip-line is $20 during the day, and $25 after 3pm. A moonlight ride costs $29. There's no age limit for who can ride. The attraction is open Monday through Sunday from 10 am till around 8:30 pm. Those hours will run through Labor Day. After the holiday weekend, Smith says they will continue to be open on weekends for riders.

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