'Youth With A Mission' Heads To Mexico For Project


A new organization in Canyon is on a mission to feed people around the world.

"We're hoping to do this really anywhere on the planet where this is needed," Jimmy Heisler, Director of 'Youth With A Mission' Amarillo and Canyon said.

Heisler founded the Amarillo branch of YWAM, and the Panhandle chapter is building aquaponics systems in communities in need around the world.

Heisler says aquaponics is fairly simple. A tank of fish produces a natural fertilizer that flows through the water and into the plant troughs. Then, the plants in turn filter the water and return it to the fish.

"We realized that the potential for this was really huge in a global sense, because this could work in basically all kinds of different climates and different areas," Heisler said.  

The first group of WT students, along with other volunteers from the Panhandle headed to Mexico this Spring Break to install the first system.

Hesiler says local youth are truly on a mission to do good.

"We've seen that this generation, especially young people and the college age group are very interested in social justice issues and helping the fellow man, and this is really a great way to do that," Heisler said. 

A great way to help feed a community, and this group is on a mission to bring the systems to people around the world.

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