Yellow City Comic Con Mini Con

It's not Halloween, but an Amarillo event had people of all ages dressing up as their favorite character.

"It really is a lot of fun to beat people with foam sticks.  It really is.  I mean i'm not gonna lie."

The Tables Edge Gaming and Comic Store hosted the very first mini comic con.

Co-Founder of the event Darren Hutchinson says, "comic con is a gathering of different genres of interests from steam punk to comic books to  cosplay, anime, all of it.  It's brought together into one place."

The Yellow City Comic Con wasn't just to bring comic book lovers together, but also to raise money for the Children's Miracle Network.

Hutchinson tells us to enter the event, there wasn't a set price, but folks could give however much they wanted, and the crowd exceeded expectations.

Hutchinson tells us, "from the turnout today, you can just see that the community does support stuff like this and it's just awesome."

The Yellow City Comic Con had artists from all over Texas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma selling their work.

People came to not only see the artwork, but be the artwork

"It's a way to get creative.  The world can get a little humdrum now and then so every now and then it's fun to be able to dress up and play pretend."

"It's to help them keep calm, get the stress out of themselves, just to have fun and get away from their real life troubles, at least for one day."

Hutchinson tells us the decision to raise money for the Children's Miracle Network is all because of a four year old boy named Caleb.

Hutchinson says he comes into his store, Tables Edge every Monday after his Leukemia treatments.

The mini comic con was a preview of a 3 day comic cion event that will happen in 2015.

Hutchinson says it will be at the Sunset Center.

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