WTAMU Student Forced to Leave Ukraine

- AMARILLO -- A WTAMU student studying in Ukraine predicted Russia's military intervention and is now fleeing the country.

        Daniela Fierro is part of WT's "Study Abroad" program.

        Fierro left Ukraine late Monday night after tensions escalated with the arrival of Russian troops.

        Before leaving, she's worried about the friends she had to leave behind and whether they'll be there when she goes back.

        Fierro says the Russians are putting out a lot of pro Russian propaganda and trying to fool the citizens with what the Russian soldiers are wearing.

        The Russian military doesn't have any symbolism on their uniforms.  I feel this is a situation where Russia should just get over it and pull out."

        Fierro was actually in Kiev, Ukraine in November when the protests started.  They escalated while she was back in the U.S. over the holidays.

        Fierro says the Study Abroad program is also urging her to leave.

        She says it's the best move for her right now but, hopes the situation will calm down soon so she can return.

        Fierro is a journalism student, she also also studies Russian and economics at National University in Kharkov, Ukraine.

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