WTAMU Freshmen to Travel to Uganda


A group of 11 West Texas A&M freshmen are about to embark on a big journey. They're headed to Uganda.

"I've never traveled outside the country. We're all really looking forward to it, and it's really definitely once in a lifetime expereince," Dylan Wilhelm, one of the freshmen going on the trip, said.

This once in a lifetime trip is part of the Readership program at WT.

Freshmen students read the book 'Water to Wine' this fall. It's bout water issues in Uganda.

Now they'll travel to Africa to work with the very man who authored the book. His organization supports water projects in the country. 

"We get to put our phones away and be in that moment and be in the place. And the most significant part of that is actually getting to be in the culture and live with the people," Kendra Campbell, Director of First Year Experience said of the trip.

She will be accompanied by Dr. Amy Andersen, Associate Provost, and a Peer Leader, Jackie Brockman.

"I'm really excited to see all the freshmen experience something new," Brockman said. 

The group of 11 was chosen from more than 300 essay submissions from students.

With just a couple weeks till they fly thousands of miles from the Lone Star State, emotions are running high.

"Oh it's nervous. I don't really know what to expect. I mean it's going to be a great experience," Mason Paetzold, a freshman going on the trip said. 

Nerves aside, the students say there's a bigger take away from the book and this trip.

"We need to all do our part. Get something done. We can fix it. But we all have to do our part," Abigail Betts, another freshman going on the trip said.

And this spring break, WT students will be doing their part to work on water very far from home, in Uganda.

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