WT Student in Ukraine

- AMARILLO -- A West Texas A&M University student studying in Ukraine says there's hopeful optimism the violent conflict is over.

        Daniela Fierro says the way things looked earlier this week, she was fearful she would be stuck in the middle of World War III.

        Fierro was in Kiev in November when the protests first started.  She says they were peaceful at first.  Much like you would see in this country.  People seeking change in their government shouting, carrying signs and often times dancing in the streets.

        But, when she came home over the holidays, that's when things turned south.

        "They have this thing called the Titushki here and they are dressed as normal citizens, unofficially paid by the government to go into the crowds and start fights and to start the riots. "  Fierro said.

        Fierro says this past week has been tense.  She says it got eerily quiet in the streets the past few days where you couldn't even hear birds chirping.

        Fierro says before Friday's truce was reached, many Ukrainians were fearful Russia would get involved, potentially sparking a war.

        Fierro is a journalism student.  She also studies Russian and economics at Karazyn Kharkiv National University.

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