WT Nursing Students Put on Homeless Health Fair


A day of health and lending a helping hand. West Texas A&M senior nursing students spent Tuesday putting on a homeless health fair at the Guyon Saunders Resource center as they prepare to start their careers.

"We spent the whole semester getting together donations, working really hard, getting everybody involved and we had a really good turnout," Jessica Adamchak, a senior nursing student said.

This public health class is required for nursing students. They plan the homeless health fair, and were expecting more then 200 people. The days offering a free meal, warm winter items, toiletries, and many health screenings.

"This is helpful for people who don't have quite the resources that many of us have that they can see where they are and how they're doing," Arthur Potts, another senior nursing student said. 

As for this class of nursing students, they're doing pretty well, with just one semester to go before taking these skills to the real world.

"Feeling good. We're ready, all of us. We're ready to graduate. Ready to get out there. But it's been a really good experience," Adamchak said. 

An experience that's helping these students take that final step, and helping keep Panhandle residents healthy.

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