Women's Ski Jumping Now Official Olympic Event

- Since the origin of the Winter Olympics, ski jumping has exclusively been a male sport. Not anymore. Make room for the women, who will make history in Sochi as women's ski jumping finally makes its Olympic debut.

The story began almost ten years ago when a some American women were done watching other women athletes represent their country at the Olympics.

"We should be there walking with them into the opening ceremonies right now. This isn't okay," said women's ski jumper Abby Hughes.
After all, every other Olympic sport is open to both men and women. So after years of fighting, battling, competing and always hearing, "No," finally in 2011, the IOC approved women's ski jumping an official Olympic event.

"We're equals, which is something that we've never said, ever," Hughes said.

"I can't thank them enough. I was pretty young and didn't really go through the fight personally. So, i can't thank them enough for all the hard work that they did. We're just very excited to show the world what women ski jumpers have been training so hard for," said women's ski jumper Sara Hedrickson.

"I think it's been past due, to let girls jump in the Olympics. I'm just happy that it's just around the corner," said women's ski jumper Jessica Jerome.
They fought together so hard for so long, but now these women are competing against each other for 4 spots on the first American Olympic team.
These are true Olympic pioneers, role models for girls who now have the chance to pursue the dreams at the highest level.

You can see the Olympics in February only on KAMR NBC 4 on the High Plains.

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