Winners Named in Panhandle 4-H Fashion Show

AMARILLO - Panhandle 4-H members from 15 counties competed in the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service District 1 4-H Fashion Show May 3 at Texas A&M AgriLife Research and Extension Center, Amarillo.
Youth advanced to this competition after placing first in their individual county competitions. The first place winners of the senior division will advance to Texas 4-H Roundup June 9-13 at Texas A&M University in College Station.

The clothing and textiles project consists of three divisions: constructing an outfit, buying an outfit or designing, planning and illustrating an outfit.  Public speaking is reinforced through individual contestant interviews, records are kept and judged, and then the youth are able to participate in the public display or style show with their ensemble. 

Winners and the counties they represented are as follow:

Construction Active- Juniors: 1. Rosie Wright, Oldham; 2. Shylee Gulley, Collingsworth.

Intermediates: 1. Jonathon Mauck, Sherman.

Construction Casual-Juniors: 1. Emily Robertson, Gray; 2. Kylee Brorman, Oldham; 3. April Artho, Randall.

Intermediates: 1. Hannah Hommel, Donley; 2. Eva Moreno, Collingsworth; 3. Jacee Sellers, Gray.

Construction Dressy-Juniors: 1. Saxie Ralston, Hansford; 2. Kellie Davis, Gray; 3. Chole Tanner, Ochiltree.   

Intermediates: 1. Emily Boschen, Randall.

Construction Specialty-Juniors: 1. Kirsten Bezner, Dallam; 2. Grace Means, Carson; 3. Sydnee Palmer, Sherman.                    
Construction ReFashion - Junior: 1. Cayman Ivins, Moore; 2. Abby Britten, Armstrong; 3. Kaye Blankenship, Deaf Smith.

Intermediates: 1. Charolette Craft, Donley; 2. Hannah Sims, Sherman.

Buying Active-Juniors: 1. Bryce Killian, Sherman; 2. Lilly Bates, Potter.

Buying Dressy-Juniors: 1. Victoria Swift, Hartley; 2. Max Engelbrecht, Sherman; 3. Lexie Baca, Oldham.

Intermediates: 1. Abigail Ely, Sherman; 2. Taylor Sorrels, Dallam; 3. Kaleigh Meador, Potter.

Buying Casual-Juniors: 1. Justice Smith, Oldham; 2. McKenzie Lopez, Hall; 3. Joshua Lee, Gray.
Intermediates: 1. Millie Graham, Armstrong; 2. Kallie Childress, Dallam; 3. Nicholas Payne, Sherman.

Buying Specialty-Juniors: 1. Izaak Lee, Gray.

Intermediates: 1. Sedona Bailey, Potter.

Embellished Buying-Juniors: 1. Savannah Sellers, Gray; 2. Isabella Downey, Hall.

Intermediates: 1. Tequita Ellis, Hartley.

Senior Construction Everyday Living: 1. Katherine Bezner, Dallam.

Senior Construction ReFashion: 1. Shelby OKeefe, Donley.

Senior Construction Semi-Formal to Formal: 1. Mary Ann Spurlock, Sherman.

Senior Construction Theatre/Costume: 1. Alyssa Palmer, Sherman.

Senior Buying Business/Interview Attire: 1. Genaro Deleon, Moore; 2. Laura Corder, Potter.

Senior Buying Fantastic Fashion Under $25: 1. Sydna McDonald, Dallam; 2.  Shyanne Bailey, Potter.

Senior Buying Semi-formal to Formal: 1. Jodi Detten, Carson; 2. Jessica Fischbacher, Moore; 3. Blakelee Brownd, Randall.

Senior Buying Special Interest: 1. Hannah Allemand, Oldham; 2. Humberto Tarango, Moore.

Natural Fiber Cotton:

Juniors: 1. Emily Robertson, Gray; 2. Saxie Ralston, Hansford; 3. Savannah Sellers, Gray and Jayde Gribble, Donley.

Intermediate: 1. Jacee Sellers, Gray; 2. Hannah Hommell, Donley.

Seniors: 1. Allissa Palmer, Sherman; 2. Genaro Deleon, Moore.

Winners of the 2014 Storyboard competition are:

Fashion Story Board Wearable:

Juniors: 1. Sydnee Palmer, Sherman; 2. Kirsten Bezner, Dallam; 3. Celeste Melendez, Collingsworth.

Intermediates: 1. Abby Burkham, Randall; 2. Eva Moreno, Collingsworth; 3. Hannah Sims, Sherman.  

Seniors: 1. Vanessa Rivera, Moore; 2. Karina Garcia, Moore; 3. Faith Bontke, Moore.

Fashion Story Board Accessory:

Juniors: 1. Chase Harbert, Hartley; 2. Max Engelbrecht, Sherman; 3. Payton Berry, Sherman.

Intermediates: 1. Sydney Baten, Moore; 2. Abigail Ely, Sherman.

Seniors: 1. Maria Martinez, Moore; 2. Alyssa Palmer, Sherman; 3. Claire Devenney, Moore. 

Fashion Story Board Jewelry:

Juniors: 1. Bryce Killian, Sherman. 

Seniors: 1. Rachel Dickey, Moore; 2. Claudia Reyna, Moore. 

Fashion Story Board Non-Wearable:

Juniors: 1. Shylee Gulley, Collingsworth.

Intermediates: 1. Nicholas Payne, Sherman. 

Seniors: 1. Emily Turpen, Deaf Smith; 2. Keilana Hendrix, Moore; 3. Marely Ortiz, Moore.

Fashion Story Board Pet Clothing:

Juniors: 1. Kaytly Clift, Sherman.

Intermediates: 1. Trinity Casados, Moore; 2. Jackie Wheeler, Ochiltree.

Seniors: 1. Elizabeth Guereca, Moore; 2. SeJe Da, Moore; 3. Shiann Friese, Moore.

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