UPDATE: LIT Ranch Wildfire

UPDATE: 10:11 p.m.

For the fire near Boys Ranch, it's not contained as of tonight.

According to an official from the Texas A&M Forestry Services, so far the damage from Oldham County fire has affected 7,000 acres and it's only 25% contained. 

And according to the Oldham County Emergency Management's Facebook Page, the L.I.T Ranch Fire has been mostly contained in Oldham County, but crews are still working North of Boys Ranch.

We're told there were no injuries or evacuations, so far.

Several crews are working the fire and they say they're expected to be there all night.

The Assistant Fire Chief for the Channing Fire Department says although the fire is large, it could have been worse.

"We kept it from getting to the gas pumps and stuff over here. We were pretty good ways away from the gas wells that we come up to. We were pretty good ways. Channing and Hartley we was following two Moore County graders we stayed behind them, they were cutting the paths and we were putting them out behind them," said Lewis Miller, Assistant Fire Chief for the Channing Fire Department.
Assistant Fire Chief Lewis says the Graders were a  big help for them. 
He says they came through and cut the fire lines because they were going too wide. 
 And he says what that does is that it puts a block to keep the fire from jumping, usually.  
The Chief Deputy for the Hartley County Sheriff's Office tells us, today's event might have been the result of two fires that grew into one.
Boys Ranch residents did have an evacuation plan in place but didn't have to use it.







Incident Update: now 25% contained at est. 7000 acres


UPDATE: Troy Duchenaeux from the Texas A&M Forest Service confirms that two aircraft were called in to help put out this fire. They dropped approximately 2400 gallons of fire retardant. 

Duchenaeux does not anticipate knowing an updated acreage estimate until the morning when they can see the damage in the daylight. 

Boys Ranch did have an evacuation plan in place just in case the fire spread closer to them, that according to Mike Pacino with Cal Farley's Boys Ranch, but they did not actually evacuate. 

Pacino says it started a few miles north of Boys Ranch on Highway 385 this afternoon. 



Per Texas Forest Service estimate of 7,000 acres burned at 0% containment.


UPDATE 5:40 P.M.:



Officials are reporting that LIT Ranch fire is quickly moving South, southeast. Potter and Moore counties have been dispatched as well as TX Forest Service .



A wildfire has started burning in Oldham County 10 miles SE of Channing or 3 miles North of Prayer Town.

The Vega, Boys Ranch, Channing, and Hartley Fire Departments are currently on scene.

We will have more information as it becomes available.


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