Why Vote?

After months of debating and campaigning, Primary election day is finally here.

State Senator, Governor, Potter County Judge and US Representative, District 13 are just some of the positions people will be voting for in this primary election.

But those races aren't the only reasons people are heading to the polls.

Local voters say they're concerned about army budget cuts, healthcare, and gun laws, even though those issues aren't on the ballot.

Many say it's simply the right to vote that drives them to the ballot box.

Jackie Bennett says ," there's a lot of country's you cannot do that.  If we're going to live here  and be contributing citizens then we need to exercise that right, and get out and vote. "

Bennett believes if you don't exercise your right to vote, you don't have the right to complain. 

We also talked with a handful of other women who tell us voting is especially important to them because as a woman, they haven't always been allowed to do so. 

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