White Deer Petitions for City Alcohol Sales

WHITE DEER -- Some residents in White Deer want to wet their whistle.

A new petition may mean alcohol sales could be on the way in town.

Residents hope it brings growth or at least keeps the population status quo, and maybe some tax revenue.

According to the census bureau, the population in White Deer reached nearly 1,300 back in 1999 but has since plummeted. In 2012 the population was only 995

The petition would allow for the sale of all alcoholic beverages in town including allowing licensed restaurants to sell mixed drinks.

Though the petition only needed around 153 signuatures, Mayor Jayson Smith tells us they came in way over that number.

Smith hopes, if it's passed, it'll bring both money for the city, and keep the younger population in town.

This is just part of the plan to hopefully expand White Deer.

K and K Construction in town, is currently in the process of building a new gated community with close to fifty houses available.

The proposal will be on the ballot in the municipal election on May 10th.

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