Where the Money Goes

- FRITCH -- Monetary donations continue to be the best way to help the wildfire victims in Hutchinson county.

    Several organizations and businesses throughout the panhandle are asking their customers for help.

    United supermarkets, Toot-n-Totum convenience stores and Wells Fargo bank are just a few of the companies helping out in the relief effort, one dollar at a time.
    At United supermarkets, for example, through the first two days of wildfire relief fundraising, they collected more than $27,000 from customers by simply asking them to add a dollar to their grocery bill.
    United is also kicking-in another $10,000, bumping the total to more than $37,000.

    Plus, they will continue collecting donations through May 28th.

    The total will eventually be split between the Red Cross and Salvation Army.

    "Red Cross, right now, we just want to try to provide the basic needs for the people.  To make sure they have food.  We took them like 200 Subway sandwiches for lunch.  We're taking meals down tonight.  We want to make sure people have water, diapers, those basic items.   So all those financial gifts go into help supporting the families affected by this event."  Panhandle Red Cross Executive Director Steve Pair said.

    Pair says a lot of the money right now is going to pay for food for victims and volunteers.

    In fact, Friday, they purchased 200 sandwiches from the Fritch Subway.  Something Pair says is very important because the local economy is also taking a hit from the fires.

    If you do donate to the Red Cross, you can make sure your money stays here in the panhandle.  Just designate your donation to the "Texas Panhandle Wildfires" fund.

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