"Well Being" Survey Released, Texas Improves

AMARILLO -- Several local congressional districts were given the chance to rank their own "well being" and several say they're doing better than last year.

Texas, which was ranked 27th in 2012 is now ranked 21st.

Oklahoma ranks 42nd this year, down from 21st last year.

Kansas came in at number 20 this year and 17th in 2012.

And New Mexico ranks 33rd. Last year, they came in at number 17.

How Texas Did in the following categories: 
  • life evaluation 12TH, 
  • emotional health 23RD, 
  • work environment 10TH, 
  • physical health 19TH, 
  • healthy behaviors 34TH,
  • basic access 46.
Congressional Districts Rankings:
  • TX-13 - 350TH
  • TX-19 - 140
  • OK-3 - 338
  • NM-2 - 279
  • NM-3 - 261
  • KS-1 - 173

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