Weather Channel: Amarillo Had One of the Worst Winters This Year

AMARILLO, Texas - Snow, rain, and cold weather were all rare sights this winter for the High Plains, and due to that, we did not have a typical panhandle winter. 

But our peculiar season has now put Amarillo on the national stage. 

It is through the Weather Channel. They said Amarillo had one of the worst winters this year,  but they are not alone.

The Yellow City ranks 5th among four other cities nationwide for having a bad winter.

Michael Gittinger, the Acting Meteorologist in Charge for Amarillo National Weather Service, told us when it comes to rain and snow, this winter is up there as one of the worst on the record because we just had a trace of snow. 

He said we had about a quarter inch of liquid since November, and with such a small amount he said we were not going to get a lot of snow.

Weather experts told us receiving the title of worst winters kind of depends on whom you ask.

"I think it's nice to show people that even if we might not have been Boston or Philadelphia, where we got astronomical amounts of snow and crazy noreasters, that there's other ways to have a bad winter," said Meteorologist Britney Trumpy. "So a lot of people don't think of Texas or the panhandle as being these tough places as far as winter weather, but it is when you look at it at different angles."

Although it is too early to forecast for next winter, Trumpy said we should not see this dry of conditions again.

But she said there is no word on if we will have more snow.

Despite the little bit of precipitation we saw this week, she said the outlook shows we will most likely remain dry until the early part of the summer.

The Weather Channel stated we were drier than even America's driest location: Death Valley, California. 

Gittinger told us the last time we had a winter "this bad" was in 2011. Back then we were low, as far as moisture goes, but he said it was not anywhere near this level.

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