Water Usage Drops in Amarillo

- Amarillo is getting more water wise.

In a recent report on this summer's water use, the city of Amarillo's usage was right around the five year average, which officials say is good news after the past couple years.

"Over the past few years, it's a significant improvement over 2011 and 2012. We haven't seen the peaks, the demands. It's a more even demand," Floyd Hartman, Assistant Director of Utilities said.

According to Hartman, water use was down in June and July. It went up slightly in September, but overall the city is in good shape.

Locals we talked to say they've noticed a difference.

"Clearly this year's been a lot better for water usage. I watch my yard sprinkling pretty carefully so, water bill's been much better," Gary Abramson, and Amarillo resident said. 

The city attributes the change to more rain, cooler temperatures and more people trying to conserve. Officials hope it is a trend that continues this winter, during cooler months that typically see a dip in water use.

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