Wag: Dog Walking On Demand

(NBC News)  Jaime Garcia loves his dog, Porter, but sometimes life can get in the way of walks.

That's where "Wag" comes in.

It's an app offering dog walking on demand.

"I love that you can just go on there and schedule a walk like you would call a Uber or a Lyft," Garcia says.

All walkers are screened and insured by Wag before taking your pup for a stroll.

"You have to get a background check, and then you have to go through a few tests to go through safety of the dogs and harnesses and leashes, make sure you're putting them on correctly," explains Wag walker Mackenzie Stelljes.

Stelljes is a nursing student and dog lover who uses Wag as a flexible part-time job.

"It's so relaxing for me just to get out and walk and earn a little bit of extra money," she says.

A 30 minute walk costs about $20.

The app gives real-time updates from start to finish, a perk for pet parents.

"It tells you if they've pee, if they poop, how long that they've walked, and also it will show you the map," Garcia explains.

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