Thousands of undocumented children continue to cross our borde, and the House is looking to make some changes to address that issue.

It was an extra day of work before a break from work for the House of Representatives.

Republicans in the house are looking to push a border spending bill to solve the border crisis.

But before they could do so some technicalities need to be ironed out.

Congressman Mac Thornberry says, "how easy it would be for example for the state of Texas to be reimbursed for the use of the National Guard, what happens just procedurally to kids who come across illegally, how quickly can we turn them around and make sure they go back home.  "

The current law allows authorities to send immigrant children back home from Mexico or Canada.

If the children attempting to cross the border are from any other country, they have to go to an asylum hearing, delaying their return home.

He tells us, "one of the things this bill does is to change that law and treat the kids from Central America just like the kids from Mexico so that we can promptly turn them around and send them home.  And again, that's the key to stopping this."

The bill will also beef up border security.

Congressman Thornberry says he's never seen numbers like this when it comes to undocumented children crossing the border.

Lawmakers are expecting 90 to 100,000 kids to cross the border in 2014.

Congressman Thornberry says, "we are moving toward a vote tonight, I think we will have a vote.  I think it will pass and i think it's really important that the House act on this issue, immediately."

He tells us another concern for officials is the danger it causes for the children.

In an attempt to come to the US, he says a lot of these kids are abused, mistreated and even involved in drug trafficking

House Democrats made it clear they would not support the bill, believing it does not provide enough money for food and shelter for the children.

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