Voters Decide Moore County Hospital's Future

- DUMAS -- Residents of Moore county have only one issue to decide.  A $49 million bond to build a new hospital and assisted living center in Dumas.

        Municipal elections are notorious for low voter turnout but so far, about 10% of the more than 9,000 registered voters have either cast or mailed in their ballots.

        There was a steady stream of voters at the Moore county annex Monday and election officials say this was the slowest day of the early voting period.

        If approved, the 30-year bond would spend $40 million on a new hospital.

        The other $9 million would pay for the assisted living center.  A first for the city of Dumas.

        Most residents agree something needs to be done, they just disagree how it should be fixed.

        If the bond passes, it would add an additional $11.50/month in property taxes.

        The CEO of the Moore County Hospital says fixing the problems with the current facility would cost almost as much as building a new one.

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