Wild Bird Spends Days Loose In A Walmart

An alert customer catches a troublesome bird on video multiple times.

There are plenty of birds at a Katy Walmart, but Ranell Roy is only worried about one.

Because a single grackle managed to get inside.

Ranell snapped pictures of the feathered visitor hanging out in the bread aisle.

The next week, he saw it again and shot video.

Ranell was sure after two weeks of bird watching at the store on market place drive that it would be gone, but it wasn't, so on his third visit, he complained.

We contacted the corporate office.

They told us the bird issue is a serious matter and that it was gone, but when we went in, we found it perched in the rafters.

Walmart eventually shut down its 24-hour store, located the bird, and sent that grackle packing.

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