Too Cold to Run

(WLEX)  The bitterly cold temperatures were too much for a Kentucky inmate on the run. 

42-year-old Robert Vick turned himself into Lexington Police, riddled with frostbite.

Officers took him into custody at the Sunset Motel, only a few miles from the Blackburn Correction Complex where he escaped Sunday night.

People there said Vick showed up freezing and asking to be turned into police. 

"He was ready to go back," said Maurice King, who manages the Sunset Motel.

After Vick walked away from his six-year sentence for burglary and five-year sentence for criminal possession of a forged instrument, Mother Nature had a harsher punishment.

"He's frostbit, his toes and his fingers," said Victoria Fugate who was staying at the Sunset Motel. 

Sunday night he was asking for help when he showed up to Fugate's door. 

"He was hungry the dude knocked on our door, we gave him a ham and cheese sandwich, we gave him some hot chocolate," said Fugate.

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