Texas Burglar Creeps In Nursery, Father Speaks


A chilling story out of Harris County.

Surveillance video captured a burglar walking through a home and creeping into an toddler's room as the child's parents slept nearby.

Saturday April 5th, just after 5 a.m.; as the family of three sleeps, an intruder sneaks around, hovering over what's most important.

The burglar shines the flashlight throughout the room and even on the sleeping child. 

The father says at one point the two make eye contact and then the little boy goes back to sleep. Cameras are mounted throughout the house but the homeowner says the burglar knew it but didn't care.

The family actually didn't know about the break in until a neighbor found their laptop and briefcase and returned it. 

The homeowner reviewed his surveillance video and found the creepy images.

Investigators believe the intruder is a teenager. He got in through an unlocked first floor window, stole only 60 dollars.

Other homes were burglarized in the same neighborhood around the same time.

Authorities are asking anyone who recognizes the person in the surveillance video to contact them.

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