Officer Gives Homeless Man A Pair Of Boots

It was an act of kindness caught on camera: An Odessa police officer kneeling down next to a homeless man, offering him a pair of boots.

Corporal Jeremy Walsh is the man behind the badge and the good deed.

It's gaining a lot of attention on Facebook.

Walsh says the homeless man in the picture goes by AJ and is someone he's come to know during his time on patrol.

The officer says he noticed AJ had been without shoes for some time. 

Walsh said, "He used to have some steel-toed Dockers. They ended up falling apart on him. Well, I have some boots that I never wear, because they're a size too small, and they're just collecting dust in my closet, so I figured AJ could use them a lot more than I could."

Walsh, who's also an army vet, says AJ often turns down help, but he eventually took the boots.

AJ says he felt the picture was keeping Walsh from his regular duties.

Still, he says he's grateful.

As for Walsh, he wasn't expecting all the attention.

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