Holy Batman Collection

(WTHR) Most of us have had collections at one time in our lives.  

Coins, stamps and baseball cards are popular.  

But Indianapolis resident Kevin Silva has set a new world record for his super hero collection.  

The 52-year-old has more than 2,500 Batman items in the basement of his home.

"This is the bat cave. The official home of Batman, at least in Indianapolis," said Silva.

His personal "bat cave"  features action figures and toys, literally everything connected to the caped crusader.  

Silva became fascinated with Batman as a young boy watching Adam West and Burt Ward on the 1960s television show.

"My first images of Batman were on a 19-inch color TV at five years old.  I'm telling ya.  It burned a hole in the back of my head," said Silva. "It just rocked my world, totally.  I have items down here that I've had since I was five years old."

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