Heroes Honored

LOGAN, UTAH -- The city of Logan, Utah has honored some ordinary people who stopped what they were doing to do something extraordinary last fall. 
On September 12 they sprang into action after a motorcycle collided with a car and ignited. 
They picked up the burning car and pulled the unconscious motorcycle rider, 21-year-old Brandon Wright, from underneath the vehicle. 
It's a day Wright will never forget. "I can never thank you enough," he said. 
Five of his rescuers were in attendance at a Logan city council meeting Tuesday night to be honored for their bravery that saved Wright's life. 
He suffered a broken leg, broken pelvis, and burns on his foot but is alive today thanks to those people who acted so quickly. 
One of the rescuers, Kathryn Grigg, said, "I think it's cool that the city and also the state recognizes this kind of stuff. But I hope that it's not just us, because there are people out there everyday that do what we did just one time." 
"They say that I've thanked them enough," Wright said, "but how can you ever thank someone enough for saving your life? There's no possible way." 
Wright is still undergoing rehabilitation for his injuries and has started school again at Utah State University.

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