Fighting For His Ducks

(WCMH)  An Ohio Army veteran is fighting to keep a flock of ducks that he claims are therapy animals.
Darin Welker, who was injured in Iraq, says he uses them for physical and emotional therapy.  He still carries the physical and mental scars.

"Unless you've been there, there is no comprehension of what we've been through," Welker says.  "There's no way to come home and explain that to anybody." 

Diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder, he turned to ducks.
"It's just hard to explain what they do and don't do because it's just what ducks do," Welker says. 

He says they improve his mood.

Darin's wife Shirley notices a huge difference.

"It helped boost his spirits and make him happy," she explains.

But there's one problem.  The ducks violate a village ordinance.  The Welkers have been ticketed and fined, and now they're hoping to change the ordinance.

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